Ice Cream Sole Sauce

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Ice Cream was formulated to out-perform any other oxidation remover on the market. Forget the sauces, solebrites, and creams you've tried. This is the ONLY product you need when it comes to icing soles and removing yellowing from rubber! View the pictures to get a few ideas of what it works on, however we have list below of more examples.


  • Icy Soles (clear/blue)
  • Rubber soles/midsoles (Jordan 12s, 4s, 1s, air forces, etc)
  • Adidas Boost
  • Yeezy 350s (any color)!
  • Glow In the dark (restores the glow)
  • Any translucent sole (Gamma 11s, south beach 8s, etc)! Any color!
  • And MUCH more!
The original color of the rubber will be revealed once Ice Cream removes the oxidation/yellowing from the affected areas! If you have rubber soles and the color appears to have changed color (green, yellow, brown) Ice Cream will have them looking original! Checkout the tutorial video to ensure you're willing to use the write products and procedures to use this product properly!